Stress reliever toys and are a popular thing in our reality of people experiencing stress all the time. Here are the best of them:


Most often these toys are presented in the form of animals. They are all made of a special material that instantly returns to its original shape after deformation. Rinsing with water, they can be easily cleaned of dirt. Using this anti-stress helps to get rid of stress and develop your fingers. Price is from $0.39.

Mukoru brushes

These are small bars made of wood. On their ends there are rubber inserts. Thanks to them you can absolutely noiselessly change their position from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. A great way to relax. Price – from $0.98.

Colored clay

The consistency of this anti-stress resembles real clay. But does not leave dirt on your hands at all. Helps to develop fingers and relieve anxiety. Price is from $0.72.

Antistress in the shape of an egg

This toy is presented in the form of a chicken egg that has had the shell removed. Inside the shell, which represents the protein, there are 2 yolks. You squeeze the toy in your hands, and it restores its shape back. Very helpful in distracting yourself from chores. Price is from $1.59.

Bubble light

You squeeze this light bulb in your hands, and the individual parts begin to come out of a kind of netting in the form of bubbles. The elastic materials allow it to stay in shape. The price is from $3.05.

Magnetic plasticine

This material is interesting in its properties. It can be used to mold different shapes without dirtying or harming your hands. And if you put a magnet next to it, the clay will “eat” it. Prices start at $3.39.

Pimple squeeze simulator

The plates have a network of pores on them. If you press your hands on these pores, a substance will begin to emerge from them that is very similar to what appears during real pimple squeezing. The price is from $4.72.

Finger-warming spiral

You can crumple it in your hands and it will return to its shape. A great distraction device. Prices start at $3.05.

Soft brain

This toy, which has the look of a brain, instantly restores its shape after physical impact. Helps you relax. Price – from $3.26.

Drawing pillowcase

The surface of this pillowcase is made with flakey glitter. You can use them to draw on the pillow or write something. Price is from $0.91.