There are things that I do not recommend buying on “Aliexpress” under any circumstances. What you can buy, you can always find here:

Fake gadgets and electronic accessories. A friend bought a phone charger and it burned out within a week. I am wary of using my iPhone wire and do not advise buying suspiciously cheap gadgets of any known brand. I do not believe in the reliability of a tablet for 6,000 P or a laptop for 13,000 P.

Natural fur for ridiculous money. 99% that it will be dyed synthetic pile. To this point I would include inexpensive clothes of famous brands: can not sneakers “Adidas originals” cost 1000 P, even on Aliexpress. Fake can.

Soft children’s toys. I have successfully bought toys several times, but once I got burned: the toy turned out to be stuffed with a strange material that made the whole family’s hands itchy.

Any safety-related items. I would never buy car seat belts or smoke detectors from Aliexpress. I once bought a cup holder for a baby stroller – it kept turning over, and I risked spilling my baby’s tea. I also once bought ladder boots for winter boots to walk on icy Siberian streets. The lepadlets turned out to be smooth, and the boots with them slipped even more.

Items in gift boxes. More often than not, purchases in these boxes come in a deplorable condition: badly crumpled, sometimes torn, and the boxes are broken, even if the seller tried to pack. Everything inside is intact, but the appearance is not gift-worthy.

Sex toys and underwear. It’s scary to imagine what they are made of.

Food, dry drinks. I wouldn’t buy food: I’m afraid it would spoil during delivery. But many people buy tea and praise it, so here at your risk.

Seeds. I bought fruit tree seeds, none of them sprouted. You can find “Look what I grew from Chinese seeds” videos on YouTube. Weeds that are usually hard to get out usually grow.